Artist Membership

Artist Members have complete access to our printmaking facilities and technical support from fellow

members and faculty. They are expected to be collegial participants in the functioning of TRPS,

to respect our equipment and supplies, and to lend a hand when needed.

Artist Members receive a 20% discount on all workshops.

With a minimum of six months of membership Artist Members are eligible to:

  • participate in group, two-person or individual exhibitions at TRPS and in outside venues arranged by TRPS

  • be represented by TRPS on the website and through other media

  • participate in limited-edition portfolios produced at TRPS

If you are interested in becoming a member please call or e-mail the studio to arrange a visit.

Membership Type, Duration      Fees
Non-Member, 1 day**                    $50
Artist Member, 1 week                  $125
Artist Member, 1 month                $200
Artist Member, 6 months             $600
Artist Member, 1 year                   $900

**member presence required


Annual Membership, with recurring monthly payment of $75