Jennifer Anderson, Passage, shaped plate, hard-ground etching, with aquatint 8x6"
Ian Baldwin, What Is That? woodcut, 15x11"
Lois Masor Beatty, Intersecting, monoprint, drypoint, multiple plates, surface rolls, 6x6"
Susan Airris Berry, Untitled, solarplate, chine collé, 5x5"
Penelope Bennett, Still LIfe With Scroll, drypoint, 8x8"
Amparo Carvajal-Hufschmid, H.S.I. four block woodcut, 7x6"
Javier Cintron, Downward Turn, linocut, chine collé, 10x10.5"
Betsey Garand, Frond, drypoint, 2x1"
Daniel Gottsegen, Winter Wanderung, reduction block print, 5x6"
Rachel Gross, Tethered, etching with relief and polyester-plate lithography 15x11"
Louise Hamlin, Watermelon, soft-ground etching with surface roll, 7x5.5"
Ann Audley Holloway, Aurora, monoprint, 8.5x5.5"
Debra Jayne, Untitled, woodcut, 6x4"
Jenevieve Alyssa Johnson, She Cut Her Hair For Freedom, paperplate litho, chine collé, woodcut, 10x8"
Judy Lampe, Introspection, soft-ground etching, aquatint, drypoint, chine collé, 5x5"
Carol Lippman, Old Logging Road, W. Newbury, VT, two solarplates, 6.75x6.75"
Nori Lupfer, Valencia Archway, collagraph, solarplate, linocut, chine collé, 12.25x8.25"
Mary Mead, Untitled, relief print, chine colle, 3x4"
Elizabeth Mayor, Utubes, woodcut, chine colle, 6x6"
Josh Melrod, Tres Hombres, hard ground etching, 7x9.5"
Sue Schiller, Untitled, etching, shaped plate, 8x7"
Rebekah A. L. Tolley, Inedible II, polyester-plate litho, chine colle, 9.5x3.5"
Sheri Hancock-Tomek, Double Negative, monoprint, chine collé, 6.5x3"
Sheryl Trainor, Mr. Morgan's Horse, woodcut, 6x6"
Nancy Wightman, The Tibetan Wheel of Becoming, etching, woodcut, 8" round
Bert Yarborough, Landed, two block woodcut, 7x11.5"
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