A $50 deposit is required to save a space in workshops.

Artist Members receive a 10% discount on workshops.

winter / SPRING Workshops 2019

Introduction to Woodcut with Janet Cathey
Saturday and Sunday, March 23 – 24, 10am – 4pm
$195 plus materials fee

Woodcut is a type of printmaking process in which hand tools are used to carve around the image that will be printed. In this introductory workshop, students will learn how to prepare an image for carving, use the carving tools, how to work with the grain and character of the wood, how to apply ink, and how to  print the image by hand or by using a press. Students will come away from the weekend with an edition of two-color prints made from two wood blocks. No experience necessary.

Collagraph and Monotype Printing with
Sarah Amos
Saturday and Sunday, April 6 – 7, 10am – 4pm 

$350 plus materials fee

This class is two day intensive whereby we will print your pre-made collagraph plates and enhance them with monotype and stencil techniques.

Oil Paint, Etching Ink, Acrylic paint and Watercolor will be used and demonstrated in an effort to push your images to another dimension.

Basic Printmaking skills are required but not necessary.

The use of Non -toxic materials are also emphasized and discussed at length due to Amos’s heightened sensitivity to such materials during her printmaking career.

Pronto Plate Lithography with Mary Mead
Saturday and Sunday, May 4 – 5, 10am – 4pm
$195 plus materials fee

Pronto Plate Lithography is a technique you will want to have in your arsenal, as it can reproduce a variety of images both hand-drawn  and painterly, or photo-based. Pronto plates operate on the antipathy between oil and water, are fairly simple to master, and relatively inexpensive. In this printmaking workshop you will learn how to create images using simple materials such as ball point pen, acrylic floor wax, sharpie, crayon, and if desired, laser copies of photo-based imagery. The plates can be cut and/or layered to create multi-colored prints. This is a great class for beginners and professional artists alike interested in learning a new and extremely versatile technique. Participants should expect to create a portfolio of completed prints.

Experimental Printmaking with New “Black” Solarplates with Dan Welden
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 26, 27, 28,
10am – 4pm

This first time workshop is designed especially for artists who are open to the gifts that chance effects offer. Unlike traditional Solarplate, this new “Black” Solarplate is not yet available on the market. It comes prepared with a water-soluble light protective black coating that is easily worked into, (much like scratchboard). You can achieve great detail, scratching and scribing, or you can work with water saturated brushes and rags. If you enjoy creating abstract imagery with fine detail, this technique is for you.

With the facilitation of Master Printmaker, Dan Welden, many opportunities can present themselves to bring you a new dimension of printmaking.

Traditional Solarplates will also be available for use in combination with the "Black" Solarplates.

Artists should bring blades, knives, and any types of scratching tools. Coarse sandpaper, metal scribes, and handmade devices can be employed.

Regular Solarplates and “Black” Solarplates will be available for purchase at 25% off Dan's list price.