Fall Workshops 2018

Monoprint with Susan Smereka

Saturday and Sunday, September 22 – 23, 10am – 4pm
$195 plus materials fee

In this monoprint class participants will be working with three plates to create prints. We will make a template to register plates and combine variations of chine collé, drypoint and collagraph. We will also explore ways to experiment with the inks. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas, projects and concepts that they are currently working on with an interest in how to develop and shift them through the media and techniques.

Ink Interaction: Viscosity with Akua Inks with Catherine Kernan
Saturday and Sunday, October 13 – 14, 10am – 4pm
$295 plus materials fee

Just as peanut butter will not stick to jelly, a loose ink will reject a stiff ink. This is true of traditional oil inks as well as newer, soy oil-based Akua Intaglio inks. Modifying and controlling the viscosities of inks yields results that cannot be achieved any other way. Taking advantage of the ink interactions allows the development of multi-color prints from a single plate, and naturally leads to sequences of related images. Layers of ink rolls can be stacked on one plate rather than separated on multiple plates, eliminating the need for multiple runs. With resists as stencils, contrasting colors can be dropped in next to each other. Parts of an image can be protected from an over roll, and viscosities can give new dimension to relief blocks, stamps, texture tools, and cutout stencils. Understanding the interaction of inks is fundamental. This workshop will introduce and deepen your understanding of how to mix, modify, and to use them to their full potential.

Mark-Making in Metal with Brian Cohen
Saturday and Sunday November 3 – 4, 10am – 4pm
$195 plus materials fee

Participants will complete an edition of prints from metal plates worked entirely without acids, using a printmaking technique generally called drypoint. The drypoint medium is a wonderful means of drawing directly on a metal plate, without toxic chemicals or complicated technical sequences. Participants will make prints from metal plates worked entirely without acids, using drypoint, roulette, mezzotint, sandblasting, and engraving, exploring materials not usually associated with intaglio, such as sandpaper, stamping, and power tools. We will further learn to alter the surface of the plate with the scraper
and burnisher. Participants will develop their plates in the studio, printing frequently to assess the development of the image. We will explore varied approaches to printing, emphasizing the skills of hand-wiping a plate, and printing a small edition from each plate.

Introduction to Woodcut with Janet Cathey
Saturday and Sunday, November 10am – 4pm
$195 plus materials fee

This course will explore the fundamentals of woodblock printing. Students will be introduced to creating two-colour woodcut prints. Janet will demonstrate exactly how to prepare a design, cut into wood, ink and print the final image. Explore the diverse effects from using different types of wood, cutting tools and inks.