A $50 deposit is required to save a space in workshops.

Artist Members receive a 10% discount on workshops.

TRPS Fall Workshops 2019


Less Toxic Etching with Rachel Gross (Two Dates)

Monday & Tuesday, August 5 – 6, 1pm – 5pm

$150 plus materials fee or

Saturday & Sunday, October 5 – 6, 10am – 4pm

$195 plus materials fee

The Baldwins Ink Ground (B.I.G.) was developed by Andrew Baldwin, a Welsh printmaker as a nontoxic alternative to asphaltum based grounds for intaglio printmaking. This revolutionary ground allows for much more flexibility and can be used as both soft and hard ground. In this workshop you will learn the BIG application, and methods for using BIG as both hard and soft ground. For students with no experience in intaglio printmaking you will learn the basics of inking and printing
an etching.


Monoprint Madness with Patty Castellini

Thursday, August 8, 10am – 4pm

$95 plus materials fee

Monoprints combine painting and printmaking techniques and are easily accessible to beginners. Patty will demonstrate methods of applying inks to plexiglas plates and show how to use stencils, and other materials to create texture. This workshop will focus on expressing yourself playfully through color, line and form.


Solarplates with Sheri Hancock-Tomek

Friday, September 20, 9am – 2pm

$85 plus materials fee

Solarplates are made from a light-sensitive, steel-backed polymer, and provide a simpler, safer, and faster method than traditional etching and relief printing. Sheri will work individually with participants, using the studio computer and printer. While one person is creating a plate, others can experiment with different drawing materials on acetate, including paint markers, acrylic, and Pigma pens. We will explore different printing techniques to enhance your prints, including layering with monoprints, a la poupée, and chine collé.


Introduction to Multiple Block Color Woodcut with Janet Cathey

Saturday & Sunday, October 19 – 20, 10am – 4pm

$195 plus materials fee

Learn the art of multiple block woodcuts. Janet will demonstrate how to transfer your image to the block, show the different types of carving tools, and methods of carving. Day two will focus on how to register your blocks, and print using water soluble oil base inks. Printing one color on each block, you will then experiment with stencils, and chine collé using a variety of different papers. The use of multiple blocks allows much more control over the final print as compared to a color reduction block, because you can proof and alter the blocks and colors.


For more detailed information on workshops and faculty biographies visit: tworiversprintmaking.org