About the PRINT STudiO


Two Rivers Printmaking Studio supports working artists in their exploration of both traditional and experimental printmaking. Through workshops and exhibits, we provide education and instruction in the art and history of the fine art print.

TRPS recognizes the expressive potential of all printmaking done by hand and offers instruction in collagraph, intaglio, monoprint, monotype, relief, and solarplate printmaking. The studio is a collegial, creative and experimental environment with excellent facilities. 

TRPS printmaking events are led by accomplished professionals and scholars in historical, contemporary and technical areas of printmaking. TRPS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization offering membership to all interested in learning and exploring the many forms of printmaking. 


The studio occupies a 1000 square foot space in the artfully renovated Tip Top Building at 85 North Main Street, Suite 160, White River Junction, Vermont.

TRPS owns superb printmaking equipment including a 32" x 60" William Crull etching press, 30" x 60" Takach press, and a Conrad E18 etching press.

The studio is well ventilated, with two sinks, assorted large worktables, two hotplates, a plate cutter, a dry mount press, an aquatint box, and a NuArc light exposure unit with 30" x 40" bed. The studio offers a comfortable, welcoming, and productive environment. 

Artist Members have independent access to the studio except during scheduled workshops or lectures.

Staffing Hours

We are open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays, 11am – 2pm, and on the First Fridays of every month from 5 – 7pm. Visitors are welcome to visit during off hours, when artists are working in the studio, or when we have an intern on duty. These hours vary, so please call ahead, 802 295 5901. We are happy to make arrangements for visits.

2017 Board Members

Lois Beatty

Susan Berry

Maureen Burgess

Janet Cathey

Rachel Gross

Sheri Hancock-Tomek, Board Chair

Judy Lampe

Sheryl Trainor

donatE to trps

Your generosity helps us to introduce the art of the print to an ever-broadening public through workshops and exhibitions. Participants include elementary and secondary school art teachers, high school art students, people wanting a friendly re-introduction, and novices who are curious. TRPS is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization.