Jen Anderson, Essence, stone lithograph, chine collé, 7x5.5
Ian Baldwin, Untitled, stone lithograph 10x15"
Lois Masor Beatty, Accumulation, monoprint with drypoint, oil-based Ink, 3.75x6"
Penelope Bennett, Humiliation, wood engraving with chine collé, oil-based ink, 10x7.75"
Susan Airris Berry, Huh, two solar plates, double chine collé, oil-based ink, 7x5"
Amparo Carvajal-Hufschmid, Locus, two wood blocks, relief ink, 8x7"
Javier Cintron, Cock, woodblock with chine collé, 15x11"
Brian D. Cohen, Wing, etching with surface roll, oil based ink, 12x9"
Betsey Garand, Pact, lift-ground aquatint, etching, two wood blocks, oil based ink, 4.5x4.5"
Rachel Gross, Isle, hard-ground etching, relief roll, 8x9"
Louise Hamlin, Spiritoso, aquatint etching with spit bite, oil-based ink, 15x11"
Sheri Hancock-Tomek, Gift, monoprint with chine collé, water-based ink, 5x5"
Ann Audley Holloway, Zephyr, drypoint, multiple plexiglass plates, arabic, urdu, and farsi stamps, oil relief ink, 8.75x5.5"
Ed Huse, Vale, drypoint, oil-based Ink, 5x6.5"
Sue Katz, Plumage, two wood Blocks, chine collé, water-based ink, 11.75x11"
Elizabeth Mayor, EET, three wood blocks, double chine collé, oil-based ink, 3x8.75"
Mary Mead, Belief, hard-ground etching, chine collé, 5x9"
Elinor Randall, Wavering, aquatint with crayon resist and engraved Lines, oil-based Ink, 12.x7.75"
Ann Semprebon, Cycle, etching, oil based ink, 4x4" round
Susan Smereka, Splay, drypoint on plexiglass, double chine collé, oil-based ink, 5x5"
Liam Sullivan, Devisal, aquatint and line etching, multiple plates, oil-based ink 6x4"
Nancy Wightman, Can-Do, soft ground aquatint and drypoint, multiple plates, oil-based ink, 8.5x6.75"
Bert Yarborough, Solar, woodblock, oil-based relief ink, 7x7"
Necole Zayaz, Pathogenic, four-color (CMYK) offset photolithography, 15x11"
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